With our pioneering and enthusiastic team, we're conquering the world of tabletop step by step.

That's what drives us!


Jerzy Dytkiewicz



Tabletop Director & Food Film Director, Ocama Films' founder and CEO, is constantly working as a director and DP worldwide. He loves telling stories with a real cinematic feel. Unconventional, he does not rely on one specific technique, style, or gear. He's deeply engaged in the entire production process.


He is responsible for setting strategic directions for the company's development. His vision and commitment are irreplaceable in the pursuit of Ocama's goals.


You can often find him in our studio, testing out his creative ideas.



Pawel Nastanski



Executive Producer. PaweĊ‚ has been working in advertising for over 16 years in different agencies, such as PZL or Havas. He  is also a very savvy entrepreneur and passionate about new technologies.  



Bartek Dabrowski




FX engineer. They call him QJU. He has been involved in the film for about 10 years, creating solutions for special effects in food films and advanced animatronics. A true magician with extensive knowledge in the field of electronics, programming, mechanics and machine construction, physical phenomena, generally a wide range of skills related to the design and construction of machines and devices.



Bartek Stempien



FX engineer with over 10 years of experience. He is fascinated by the possibilities of motion control technology. Skilled in working with a variety of mediums and with building different machine constructions & models.

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