The core of our work is tabletop, food film and product films. We do highspeed/slow-motion shots in addition to regular.

TVC, OLV, 6 - sec bumper?


We’ve got you covered!


Our main focus is the creation of beautiful shots of food, but we also do products. If you need to create just a few shots, or make a story, or even a full length film, you have come to the right place!


If you are filming for television or digital content; if it's only one shot, a 6-second youtube bumper, a 15'' OLV, or 30'' TVC or a 2-minute digital story - our approach is the same: to deliver the best quality at a reasonable price as quickly as possible. We use our own in-house equipment including cameras, lenses, lights, grips, and much more, but if you need something special, we can accommodate any request - our goal is to fulfill the demands of the project and our client’s expectations.


Check out our demo:




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