We offer a very practical, spacious yet cozy studio that is 184m2.

Our comfortable space offers:



1. 184 square meters of flexible space with 9 meter high ceilings at your disposal.


The studio is located on the ground floor and can be easily accessed by a ramp.


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2. Scenography kitchen. 


The kitchen with a big window, easy to rearrange or adjust to your needs.

tabletop studio warsaw




3. Warmth and coziness with an interesting eco-design touch.


We put a lot of effort to create a warm, cozy atmosphere at our studio, so relax and make yourself at home!

tabletop studio warsaw




4. Color-friendly cinematography.


The main stage in our studio is painted neutral grey for an optimal lighting environment.

(Lights don't bounce back in an uncontrolled way)





5. High-power output of 120kW!


We offer an extremely high-power output of 120kW, which is sufficient for most video productions including shooting in high speed. There is no need to rent a supplemental power generator.



6. Numerous parking spaces


The space around the studio offers plenty of parking spaces large enough to accommodate large vans and catering trucks.




7. Super-fast internet.


Shooting remotely is a ready option as our internet connection is high speed and is served and delivered through fiber optic cable. It takes only seconds to send or download big files. 

8. In-House equipment.


We are fully equipped with cameras, lenses, and multiple lighting packages including tungsten lights of more than 50kW, LEDs as well as add ons including grips, stands, cutters, diffusion, and more.
 ocama_tabletop studio



9. Professional food stylist kitchen


We offer a professional kitchen set up with massive stainless steel tables, a built-in sink, a gas stove with an electric oven, a refrigerator, and a freezer.



10. Immediate availability for traditional or remote movie shooting. 


Since we have our own space and equipment, we can arrange your production in the blink of an eye!



Do you need more information?


Let us know, we are always happy to help! 

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